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The Hang Out

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What is the Hang Out?

The Hang Out is the only membership community for those who are finally pregnant and parenting after infertility and/or loss.

Being pregnant after an infertility or babyloss journey can be difficult so in Spring 2019 I created the Finally Pregnant podcast to start supporting people. 

In 2020 I wanted to extend this support so people had a place they can go to ask questions, support each other through the ups and downs, link up so you can meet up IRL and generally find and chat to people who understand what you are going through. In addition to the above there will be additional support and benefits including 

  • monthly support group with expert guest speakers covering the four trimesters of pregnancy and post natal (all recorded and saved in an information library)
  • monthly Finally Pregnant support group (all members welcome)
  • monthly Finally Parenting support group (all members welcome)
  • growing resources document with information and links
  • exclusive discounts on events and products

The community comes together in private Facebook group accessible only to members. 

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I recently joined the Hang Out & I’m so happy I did! It’s amazing to connect with a group of people who ‘get it’ and share experiences with them, as well as getting support & advice. The talks are also really useful - relevant, interesting topics with great speakers. Thank you to Cat for creating this space - I hadn’t realised how much I needed it until I joined.
Hang Out Member 2020

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Hello, thank you and welcome to The Hang Out! I can't wait to see you in the group very soon! 

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I'm Finally Parenting, can I join?

From my own experience I rely heavily on the connections I made in the trying to conceive community through pregnancy and now on to parenting. I love watching our babies grow together and am sure you will feel the same. So yes, if you are finally parenting you too are welcome! 

Will people find out I'm pregnant?

In order to help avoid people outside of the group finding out you are pregnant the Facebook group will only be called The Hang Out. However, on instagram and other places it will continue to say Finally Pregnant. Knowing this hopefully means you can decide what to open when depending on who is around you! 

Can men join the group?

Yes, everyone is welcome.

What if I lose my baby?

In this heartbreaking situation I will want to support you through your heartbreak as you wish. Please contact me when you are ready and we can decide together what is best. 

Will you still be producing the Finally Pregnant podcast?