Pregnancy Meditation for Solo Mums by Cat Strawbridge

Pregnancy Meditation for Solo Mums

Download this meditation to help you feel less anxious and to connect with your pregnancy.

Create your vision of the future by picturing its success

For almost a decade I have used guided meditations and visualisations to help me through my insomnia, fertility struggles, losses and more. But when I looked for one that helped me see beyond being pregnant, to actually welcoming my baby safely into the world I couldn't find it. So in 2017 I created my own which I have listened to regularly over the last few years.

This visualisation, which I have specially adapted for you as a solo mum, also includes one of the affirmations I used during my fertility journey and then throughout my pregnancy. Listening will help you to focus on reaching your goal of giving birth to your happy and healthy baby. It is accompanied by some gentle music. At the end of the meditation my voice will fade out and the music will remain, allowing you to relax or gently fall to sleep.

The anxiety you experience is real and valid and whilst I often encourage people who are pregnant after infertility and loss to take one day at a time, I hope that you will also give yourself the gift of looking ahead too, even just for a short time during this meditation.

Also included is an exercise to help you make the most of the visualisation and affirmations each and every day.

This meditation has been put together based on my own experience of the benefits of meditations and should be used for entertainment purposes only. Please consult your doctor or qualified medical professional for any pregnancy related advice. 

Please do not use this meditation when driving. Only use it in a place where you can safely fall asleep. 

What's included?

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