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Here I guest host an episode of this fabulous podcast. Includes a wonderful guest Anna German. 

The Fertility Podcast

Pregnant after Infertility

Talking about being told to 'Just Relax' by a TV doctor and the subsequent reaction from the TTC community

The Fertility Podcast


Life Raft Pregnant.jpg

Returning to this podcast to discuss navigating relationships when you get pregnant following treatment

TTC Life Raft

Being the Pregnant One


How to regain your confidence when you're faced with infertility

The Fertility Podcast

Getting back to you!


An open and honest conversation discussing the truth about pregnancy after treatment and loss.

BFN Podcast

Pregnant after Infertility

Bringing infertility to the mainstream speaking on this popular podcast which explores sex and relationships

The Hot Bed Podcast -

Relaxing Won't Make Me Pregnant

Live recording of my instalive with Jocelyn aka @motheringsolo.

The Fertility Podcast

@tryingyears #instalive on Solo Mothering

The launch episode of this podcast discussing the #TWNTS campaign with compassion and laughs!

The TTC Life Raft

What Not To Say

Why social media helping people speak out about infertility and how to stop IVF destroying your confidence.

BFN Podcast

The #TTC Community

Speaking at the campaign launch in September 2018 after which over 100k signatures were collected!

The Fertility Podcast