Finally Pregnant Yoga Sessions - November by Cat Strawbridge

Finally Pregnant Yoga Sessions - November

Book your place on our November course today!  First class is Wednesday 4th November.

Yoga Sessions

A 4 week pregnancy yoga course specially created for you if you are Finally Pregnant after infertility and/or loss.
Being finally pregnant after infertility and loss can be hard. We want to do all the ‘normal’ things other pregnant women do but we put it off for fear of jinxing it. I certainly did that when I was pregnant but when I finally signed up to a pregnancy yoga class it was such a relief to do something for me and my bump and I wish I had been brave enough to have done it sooner. However, upon arriving at the class I couldn’t help but feel different to all the ‘fertiles’ in the room and whilst the yoga was good I also wanted it to be a place I felt I belonged.

That’s why I’m working with the fabulous Sim Douglas-Martin to create the space I didn’t have; a 4 week yoga course for you if you are finally pregnant after infertility and loss. Don’t just take my word for it though. Here is a comment from someone who attended my recent finally pregnant nurture circle.

“Realising that everyone in the space just got it and understood was an incredible relief. I hadn’t realised how much I needed to feel that validation before. Thank you so much - I feel like I’ve found a support network now.”

Want to know more? Here are the main course details
  • 4 week pregnancy yoga course
  • Starting Wednesday 4th November at 7pm
  • The 1 hour classes are held weekly
  • Sessions are online via Zoom
  • All led by qualified yoga instructor Sim Douglas-Martin who understands what it’s like to be where you are
What you’ll need
  • Comfortable, stretchy clothes – sports/yogawear
  • Yoga mat or blanket
  • A quiet space with enough room to lie dowYour phone, laptop or tablet with Zoom downloaded to access the class. Please remember to check your battery and/or have your charger plugged in to ensure you don’t miss any of the session.
  • Water
More about Sim

Hi! I am Sim @yogawithsim and I've been teaching Hatha, Vinyasa, Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga for almost ten years. My classes are infused with yoga therapy and cues for optimising your health and wellbeing whilst being integrated with my love and continuing study of natural science. At 15 I was diagnosed with PCOS and vividly remember crying profusely after this appointment. My fear of never being able to have children was strong even then. Thankfully, once I started trying several years later I was eventually lucky enough to fall pregnant with my beautiful girl who is now 6. I remember knowing how lucky I was when the sonographer picked up my PCOS before she saw my baby at my 12 weeks scan. 

"I’m so excited to be leading another course of The Hang Out Yoga Sessions in collaboration with Cat. I love moving through people’s pregnancies with them and feel very grateful to honour sacred moments with mummies to be and their extra precious babies."

Please see the FAQs below. If you have any other questions don't hesitate to contact me at


How big will the class be?

We have made the decision to limit this class to 15 people.

Is it too late to start pregnancy yoga in the last trimester?

No. In fact, it's an imperative time to stay moving (even very gently) and also a brilliant time to practice yoga that can help with labour and birthing (whether that ends up being natural delivery or c-section). 

The closer to the “big day” these techniques are used, the more likely you will be to harness the power of the breathing exercises and movements. This can help reduce post traumatic stress syndrome after labour and help aid quicker recovery amongst many other positive benefits. 

Do I need to be 12 weeks pregnant before I join the course?

We do request that participants are 12 weeks or more pregnant by the course start date for health and safety reasons. If you are over 12 weeks but have any concerns about taking part please consult your doctor before booking or attending the course.

I attended a previous Yoga Sessions, can I still join this course?

Absolutely! As you know each week we introduce a new theme. For this course we are introducing 4 new themes so you will be taken on a brand new journey through the course.

What's included?

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